best natural wine australia

It all starts with the finest grapes, handled simply. THe key is to not overcomplicate things, to let the natural beauty shine through.

This is the way of artisanal food and wine production, particularly in the small villages of Greece and the rest of the Mediterranean.

Through humble beginnings, much trial and error and countless hours spent with various old world masters, we have developed a deep understanding of how to meticulously nurture every wine from vineyard to bottle.

best natural wine australia

We don't take shortcuts. "Low and slow" is very much our vibe.

With a profound commitment to craftsmanship, we embrace the traditions of the past, employing time-honoured techniques that ensure the creation of exceptional wines of place.

At the heart of our philosophy lies the belief that true excellence can only be achieved through a hands-on approach. Each step of the process is a labour of love, from hand-picking the grapes at the peak of their ripeness to employing only the most gentle and natural methods of production.

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What makes our wine unique?

best natural wine

NO additives, ever

The higher quality the wine, the less additives will have been used in the winery. We just take that idea a step further and use nothing at all, relying simply on the best quality fruit and the finest artisanal methods.

no filtering, no fining

Filtering and fining are methods used to speed up wine's natural clarification process. We find it also aggressively strips out flavour and texture.

We prefer to give each wine the time it needs. Sometimes there might be a light haze or a small amount of sediment at the end of the bottle – both normal things in a healthy wine, providing nutrition and protection for it.

wild fermentation

All our wines are wild fermented, which means only the microbes in the air and on the grape skins themselves ferment our wine, giving a wonderful spectrum of flavours.

No added yeasts, enzymes or other nasties are used for assistance in fermentation.

vegan friendly & gluten free

Ever seen the words "may contain traces of fish, dairy and eggs" written on a wine label?

These additives are used as fining agents, to help clarify wine (see above).

We don't add anything to our wines at any stage, so rest assured that all our wines are 100% vegan friendly and gluten free.

zero sugar

All our wines are fermented until fully dry and tested at the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) to make sure they have zero sugar left prior to release.

preservative free

Sulphur is an allergen that is used in the preservation of many food and beverage products.

It is considered mostly harmless in wine, especially those that employ small amounts. Usually higher quality wines use the least.

Why stop at a little? We don't use any sulphur at any stage of wine production, resulting in happy, vibrant, living wines.